MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android 1.6.53

Best Tool to Manage EVERYTHING on Your Android Phones & Tablets through Desktop Computer

Best Tool to Manage EVERYTHING on Your Android Phones & Tablets through Desktop Computer

Many Android users complain that they always mistakenly delete something important when they're using some unfamiliar functions on their Android device. So are you tired of randomly losing stuff from your phone? Now, let's end the fate of lost data on Android with the help of this Android Assistant software. With it, you can backup all data from the device to your desktop computer with one simple click.

Be able to export contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, movie, books, etc. from Android mobile phones and tablets to computer, so that you can free up more space to get more new files.

No one can deny that our life become more colorful due to various applications on the smart phone. So you may need to install or uninstall all kinds of Apps on your device for better enjoyment. But have you ever wondered of finding a tool to help you effectively manage these Apps on Android device? If so, then this program can meet your demands.

Directly click the built-in Google Play to download apps as you like.

Install or uninstall Apps on your phone through desktop computer with one simple click.

Backup Apps from Android phones & tablets to computer selectively or in a batch.

One-click to export all your important contacts (phone number) and text conversation to computer and saved as CSV format.

Add, delete or edit any contact info can be done in the program directly.

Texting or mass texting people you want on your computer via this app will be just like a piece of cake.

MobiKin Assistant for Android


MobiKin Assistant for Android 1.6.53

User reviews about MobiKin Assistant for Android

  • logerar

    by logerar

    "Great Android data manager tool."

    This Android Assitant tool is cool. With its help, I can transfer data between Android and computer, manage data on Andr... More.

    reviewed on June 21, 2017

  • berlie feih

    by berlie feih

    "personally recommend."

    Backup tool for android phones and android teblets. You can transfer files to pc for backup. More.

    reviewed on May 22, 2017

  • stiger L

    by stiger L

    "An easy helpful for data transfer"

    Thanks to this software, I can finally transfer my videos from phone to my pc. More.

    reviewed on April 25, 2017



    "save the phone data from your phone to pc"

    When you want to save the phone data from your phone to pc, this assistant can help. More.

    reviewed on April 19, 2017

  • gresfsd fefe

    by gresfsd fefe

    "a tool supports data transfer from phone."

    when you need to transfer data from your phone to computer, this tool can help you. More.

    reviewed on April 10, 2017

  • motta lah

    by motta lah

    "A tool to share files between phones and computer."

    I used to use Airdroid to transfer photos and videos from my phone to computer, but now I use this tool, it allows more ... More.

    reviewed on March 2, 2017